Thursday, December 24, 2009

Home for the Holidays

And when I mean holidays, I really mean Christmas and New Years.

I had one day trip to London with Michael before finishing up my papers and flying home the 12th. We breezed past a lot of London must-sees (most of them I had already experienced during a family trip way back when), got lost in the shadier parts of London and had a blast in Harrods. The day ended with fish and chips and a sleepy bus ride back to UEA.

Kelly, Philly and Beth sent me off with a bunny friend with a UEA t-shirt (his name is Achilles), Tom sent me off with a wooden cat from Bali and the rest of STC01 made my last night at UEA memorable with water fights and shower parties.

I was surprised by how huge Fortinbras has gotten since we first brought him home last summer and I surprised Dan that Saturday night by having him come back from Subway to find me on his bed playing with his dog, Bruiser.

Highlights since I've been home include going to NYC with Anne and meeting up with Dylan and Cody. We had lunch at Lillie's, got lost on the subway that headed to Brooklyn, not Times Square and got an exclusive visit to one of the floors at Condenast. I won't go into details but it was so cool for me.

Hanging out in Farmington has been slightly surreal after being in England for three months. It was as if I had just gotten used to going to classes twice a week, travelling wherever, whenever and spending most of my time in lesiure clothes. Now back home, it's back to dressing up for the latest dinner party, waiting for friends to pick me up at my house since I have no car nor public transportation at my convenience, and no longer having to cook for myself - a trend that will continue when I go back to Roanoke and its dining hall. I have collected my souveniers from England in a box to scrapbook/document later.

Speaking of, a night at Betsy's with Kelly was a blast from the past when Betsy uncovered a bunch of my short stories that I wrote in high school, that being read after years proved a) even though I've never done any drugs, I was on the biggest acid trip during junior year and b) apparently I had a secret hatred for Kelly because I inadvertantly had her brutally harmed, killed or ignored altogether in nearly every story. My personal favorite is the Legends of the Hidden Temple adventure.

Okay, on to other things.

So apparently the new sexy thing is to be androgynous and wear nothing but black. As much as I love New York and love black get ups as much as the next person, I don't believe this is look is as "sexy" as the NYTimes have it cracked up to be. For the record, the hour-glass figure will always be sexy and in style. Maybe it's just me, the low-brow fashionista, but how is this sexy? I actually screamed a little when that slide came up. I feel this trend is more for the models with the bodies of tall lanky eleven year olds. Sometimes sexy in the fashion industry greatly differs from sexy in real life.

Again, maybe it is just me -- my personality and overral presence can be overwhelming and severe so if I dressed in severe clothing and all black all the time, it would make me even less approachable. I'll hang on to my colorful, flowy summer dresses for now, kthanks.

For other clothing, they're not so lucky. I have two full Lord and Taylor bags of clothes I'm getting rid of. First come first serve, then it's off to Goodwill!

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