Monday, July 13, 2009

Several things.

Back from the soreness of my wisdom toothless-jaw, there are several things I'd like to announce.

-I finally bought those grey skinny jeans and that studded dress from Express. The salesgirl there had funky circle glasses (hopefully for style...?) and reassured me that she owned the same tank dress, has partied and slept in it, and the studs have not fallen off. Leaving with TMI and forty dollars poorer, I'm hoping this dress is still a good investment.

-I also got a leopard print trench coat (CRAZY) from the sale rack at Lord and Taylor. When I go abroad for a semester in England, I will not be camoflauged. Or maybe I will. I'm not really sure what they wear in England. I've been looking up websites of what's in style in England and all I'm left with is an impression that they dress like Harry Potter or tweed. Not helpful.

-I visited my big sister in New York and had a fabulous walk around Batterson park. I think it would be amazing if I could just spontaneously grab a friend and take a bus for NYC for the day. Oh and people were riding bikes there. With baskets.

-There will be a new member of my family by the end of this week. His name is Fortinbras.

I did not name him.

My parents mulled over naming him Handsome Dan, but it felt cliche and besides, how would I explain the name of our new bulldog to my boyfriend...?

-Quick thing: Since spring, I've had this newfound interest in collecting stationary. I actually write letters so this kind of pertains to my hobbies - I've acquired a pretty hefty collection of stylish boxes with letters that have New Yorker cat covers, old Vogue art covers and even quaint paintings of dogs (my mother took all of the bulldog letters). I think letter-writing should come back in style because it's more personal, classy, and fun to send and receive them.

Things that should not come back in style are shoulder pads. But that's just me. Everything else on that list is fine, but come on, women benefitting from shoulder pads? (See bottom of article) Please pass.


  1. spontaneously grab ME and we'll take the TRAIN to nyc!

  2. oooh and fortinbras is the name of the dog in madeline leangle's wrinkle in time series! love that name!

    and shoulder pads should DEFINITELY come back. so hot.