Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I've been toying for the font size for fifteen minutes.

So of course instead of finishing up my 500 word essay about my poetic skills (answer: zero), or finishing the first draft of my Gothic short stories (werewolves -- except they wear their shirts when human) OR starting my Chaucer essay at 1:00am, I chose to play online Scrabble and look at pretty clothes.

So I stumbled across this pretty thing, shat myself (pardon my language) and needed to write about it, even though I could've written about Bath and Essex weeks ago. No matter, here I am.


For those who don't know (or care -- losers), this is a Lela Rose bow dress that I want to own, to possess in every sense of the word. This isn't your F21 or H+M, guys, this dress is for the high rollers. Seeing as I am not completely fluent in the world of higher fashion, I'm still waiting around for Forever 21 to make a knock-off of it. Even then, it won't be 100% silk and I doubt there will be a built-in bodice. I sigh dreamily. If you have to ask how much it is, you can't afford it.

Speaking of clothing, whoever has been dressing Serena van der Woodsen needs to be reconsidered. Lively's stylist has been peeving me recently and I highly suggest (s)he be replaced by whoever did the past seasons. In case you haven't noticed, Serena has been wearing SHORTS to show off her lucious legs outdoors in November. Watch a few past season 3 episodes and ask: "Isn't she cold?" Also -- that ratty pony tail from 3X09 with the horrifically large-shouldered dress in Tripp's office? Bleh. Go look for it and say I'm wrong. Was anyone else freaking out Deroda being preggers?

Parenting tip for Ms. Waldorf: give your child an earlier heads up when you up and move to Paris. Just a suggestion.

Oh right, so I've been travelling!


My adventure to Bath was unusual because this time I had a friend with me this time. That's right -- just to remind you, I travelled alone (much to the horror of my mother) to Great Yarmouth, Cambridge and Oxford. This made my experience in Bath that much more interesting because I was with my friend Corey (fondly referred to as "Philly"), regardless of the windy, rainy weather. So yes, it was good weather for us.

What I'm wearing while being Had by the weather of England: Michael Kors sneakers, Seven for All Mankind jeans, leopard trench from Lord and Taylor, green scarf from Old Navy (from Amandalee!), and Poundland umbrella. I do this to make myself feel special (I mean, why does anyone start a blog? Exactly.)

Bath included various trips to thrift stores that were stuffed to the GILLS of vintage clothing, but I was good and all I got was a silver chain necklace. Philly and I poked our heads into the Jane Austen museum, passed an Eastern Asian art museum, and visited the Fashion Museum as well as the Roman Baths all in one day. The day we arrived was mostly dedicated to finding our hostel and feeling our way around the streets of Bath, seeing the street performers and window shopping. Philly took many magnificent pictures that I will pirate from her so I can show them to my family and friends. That's a heads up, Phil.

Why do I keep posting pictures of me with my mouth wide open?

We had some fun trying on corsets and the skirts at the Fashion Museum. In this picture I'm wearing a gigantic skirt, a hand-me-down brown sweater from Anne and Dan's button down. My jeans are still on.

So...Essex. That was last weekend.

How can I describe Essex? I guess the first step would be to show you the kind of people who live in Essex.

Essentially Jersey girls. With British accents.

In this picture I'm wearing my Topshop romper that my sister doesn't approve of, her hand-me-down hot pink tights, and the silver chain necklace from Bath. By the way the Americans won. You don't beat us at a game we brought to you. It's just not done.

So Beth was kind enough to let Philly and me visit her quaint (and awesome!!) country home in Essex. The English countryside is much prettier during the day with the November sun shining amongst large, cumulus clouds that artists often depict in oil paintings, than, say, at night when it was a deluge of freezing rain. Why yes, we went clubbing in that weather. That would explain my CANCEROUS SOUNDING COUGH but anyway, the residential area of Essex was beautiful even though it was a natural habitat for "chavvy" folk .(Philly and I translated this term as "Jersey girls", "Chongas", and "Guidos".)

And now that I'm done with this post and it's 2:37am, I'll leave you with this new website I've become addicted to: It's a "humor" site, and yes, some of the articles/posts are kind of MAD magazine-ish (aimed towards an immature male audience) but most of them are hilarious and even interesting. I've LEARNED things from this website. I read all about the Twilight series without having to actually read the books (another summary, for those who don't have the patience to read witty sarcastic summaries), why a zombie invasion can happen in real life, how badly scarred I was as child, an article even my boyfriend can enjoy. The terrible thing is that when you're done learning something funny/interesting, there are links at the end of each article that will entice you to read with its attention-grabbing headline: Why yes, I'd love to know what six mental illness beliefs Hollywood wants me to believe, or no, I don't know the seven chick flicks that secretly hate women. It just keeps going!

In other words, I'm punishing you by making you stay up as late as I do trying to do work but end up goofing off on the internet. Ha-ha.

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  1. I love love love the fact that you brought that website to my attention and at the same time hate hate hate it cause I'm now addicted to it and it's all I do when I'm not busy.. which is like all the time