Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wait, before I go to Bath, about Oxford...

First, if you remember my entry of Things You Won't Find in My Closet, I mentioned how even though I hate the pants-form of maxi-dresses, I was okay with the idea of rompers.

So today, I'd like to announce that with the help of Beth of Essex, I bought my first romper on sale at Topshop:

She found it and it's fabulous. Even though the one displayed on the website is uber wrinkly. Who is hiring the staff to allow wrinkly clothing pictures on websites?

Anyway, so I figure before I leave for Bath with Philly tomorrow morning I should skim over my adventures in Oxford.

Oxford happened in mid-October the week after Great Yarmouth. I was just too lazy to write about it so here I try:
-I took the wrong tube in my London transfer and miraculously made it to my train on time.
-I enjoyed how close the train station was to the city and didn't have to pay for a bus fare or walk forever.
-I trespassed into Oxford Math Institution gardens (very pretty and yes, I was aware I was in enemy territory as an English major...) and other campus grounds, sneaking in with groups of students.
-I got lost in residential area until Santa wearing a tweed jacket and matching tweed fedora offered to direct me back into town.
-I stayed at a Funky Hostel where the staff was funky, the bedrooms were funky and the prices of beverages at the bar? Awesome. It was funny how I just walked in and asked to spend one night there. "One night?" "Yes, just one." "Um, okay." [insert unnecessary awkwardness here.] As I settled into my room and wandered around, it was apparent that I was the only girl travelling by myself. Everyone else was travelling with other people or if they were travelling alone, they were males.
-I met two Aussies who were kind enough to invite me to spend the next day with them, taking a tour of Oxford Castle (amazing) and Christ Church (Hogwarts) and then we got burgers. Perfect day, right? Of course it was.
-I purchased a large child's Oxford polo shirt for eight pounds after my realization that the rugby shirts were 40 quid. Ew!
-I saw a church that inspired the setting of my southern gothic short story that I turned in today.

Tomorrow I will be travelling with a friend (My mother heaves a sigh of relief) to Bath where we plan on visitng Stonehenge, the Fashion Museum, and the Roman bath houses. We'll probably just wander around a lot too. Who knows.

We'll be back Saturday! Cheers!

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