Sunday, July 5, 2009

Things you won't find in my closet.

Since I wrote about maxi-dresses (however briefly it was), I decided I should lay out my current annoyances with clothes I see worn by people in every day life. I am an every day person thus I find myself to be of reliable criticism, rather than feel self-entitled to judge anything like haute couture.

Gingham shirts

Large-print gingham shirts (like this one from Charlotte Russe) make me think of the Jonas brothers. I know that's unfair to all of the cool, trendy artsy students who wear these shirts and listen to actual music, but all I honestly see with these shirts are Disney pre-teens and the fan girls of those Disney pre-teens. One time I saw an extra on Hannah Montana wear a dress I own. I felt the opposite of cool. Now I only wear that dress to see elderly relatives.

Other gingham patterns don't seem to bother me as much, but I still don't own any gingham items.


Maybe it's because I've grown up in the suburbs of CT, maybe it's because it's the maxi dress in pant form, but I cannot stand jumpsuits. No. Paradoxically, I don't gnash my teeth when I see rompers. They're okay by me.

Or maybe because almost anything Blake Lively wears is okay by me.

Two facts about me:
-Fan of Blake Lively
-My boyfriend hates wedges just because my friend, Sherman, hates wedges. Footnote: I still don't think he (the bf) even knows what wedges are.

Juicy Couture

Some might say this is "higher fashion" but seriously, Juicy is very pedestrian, therefore I have the right to voice my dislike for it. Wear it, love it, live it all you want, but you'll have a hard time convincing me to own anything Juicy or like it by any means. The end.

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