Monday, January 3, 2011

Ambition and my cat.

"My New Year resolutions include being more forward-thinking
and active about my dreams of working as an editor in a publishing company or as
a part of the editorial staff for a fashion magazine. As such, I'm going to make
an effort to buy less frivolous party clothes for frat parties and attempt to
purchase more items that I will more likely be wearing after college." - 1/3/10

There was also something about updating with Forever 21 outfits but that seemed a little silly.

I feel as though I succeeded in that resolution, seeing as I now have (so many) more neutrals in my wardrobe and I achieved in getting an office editorial internship in NYC for Joonbug and snagged a contributing writing position with CollegeFashion last minute before the year ended.

Resolutions for 2011 seem simpler, since college life is coming to an end.

Basic Goals:

-Graduate Roanoke College

-Get a job (in editorial? Media? Advertising even??)

-Avoid gaining weight

-Become an absolute master of Photoshop/any image warping program

I feel like those aren't asking too much, but the economy, I'm sure, will prove otherwise.

Fun Goals:

-Try one of those Fashion Challenges.

-Make the most of any vacation, no matter how brief it is or how desolate the destination may be.

-Learn to knit a legitimate sweater.

That's all I got for now. Here's an old picture of my cat who - in every literal sense - provides more fascinating conversation than my bulldog.

I suppose you wouldn't believe me if you've never heard the innumerable sassy tones of "meow" that can mean exasperation, impatience, or half-hearted approval (among other things).

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