Saturday, December 25, 2010


Most people know that Christmases tend to fluctuate with the quality of presents: sometimes you know that your parents had no idea what to get you, your siblings and relatives bought the first thing that popped out to them and you end up returning things. Sometimes you get such great gifts that you never asked for but are so happy you got them.

This was one of those Christmases.

My parents finally caved and got me a digital camera, apparently thinking that I have learned my lesson when I last broke one in seventh grade. I am not making this up. Bonus: it doesn't come with a memory card! The road to digital memories and visual artistry continues.

Every year it seems I get a blank journal, but my sister gave me a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies themed journal. It's complete with the PPZ cover picture and intricate Victorian interior stationary occasionally stained with meticulously drawn in bloodstains. Clever and gothic!

My brother got me a freaking Kindle and even though I never really considered ever owning one it is AWESOME and I have already done the irresponsible thing and downloaded Scrabble for less thatn three dollars. However, once my last semester (ever) gets started, I'm sure it's actual purpose and usefulness will begin to reveal itself. I still intend on buying books but the ones I need purely for college will be nice to have on the Kindle.

Now that I have a camera, I'm very excited at the opportunity to start this blog FRESH and have the motivation to use VISUALS A LOT, hopefully to enhance stories about things that happen in my life that I deem noteworthy and/or amusing.

All I need is a memory card and get my stupid laptop fixed.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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