Monday, January 17, 2011

Plain Ol' Frustration.

So I'm back in a class once again filled with exasperated girls who text and guys whom I'd only recognize slung over a toilet in their own sick. I haven't had a class like this since...well...I can't really remember because it was SO LONG AGO that I was in a classroom where a majority of the students acted like a snot-nosed high schoolers who'd rather be slurping alcohol with mysterious body fluids than live up to what some people might mistake them for "adults".

I felt bad for the professor. He was a really nice guy who seemed very excited to start teaching something he was really passionate about. No one answered basic questions (unless it involved the half-assed "hand raise") and were blatantly disrespectful to the teacher.

Come ON guys, we're in COLLEGE. Most of you who are acting like this are the BIG KIDS of the class and should at least pretend to be adults at this point.

Honestly? These are probably the same girls who don't flush.

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