Sunday, December 5, 2010

Note worthy study time.

Since I've been in the library, the soccer player at his computer has been rather quiet and jamming silently, swaying his head forward, chin first and mouthing the words to himself, respecting the study space for his peers.

It wasn't until I was reading about reshifts and quasars in William C. Mitchell's Bye Bye Big Bang: Hello Reality (he's from CT and an alumn from UCONN), that suddenly I hear a whisper "break down". I paused. Looking up, everyone is still typing, focused on their work. More things are whispered. The soccer player is quietly whispering lyrics to whatever song he's listening to -- I'm guessing every other line. He continued this for several minutes. I enjoyed the silly distraction from my work and I would have taken more amusement out of it if he was listening to a song I knew because then I would have whispered the lyrics he was missing. Teamwork, people!

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