Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life is impossible without a laptop.

"Oh Liz," Reason tells me, shaking its head with half-hearted grin. "You have the library computers to help you out! That's why you're able to update your blog right now."

I tell Reason to shut its face because I have been in this library since ten o'clock. To be fair, I started writing at eleven. I only have two pages to go for my paper that's due tomorrow, but I've been looking at computer screens for so long that my eye-sight is getting blurry and my brain is mushy like it died and went to Nolan's Inception limbo.

"Well take a break!" Reason insists, with that condenscending tone. "Walk away! Go outside! Go to the gym for an hour and clear your head!"

ZOMG why didn't I think of that? Oh that's right, because after nine o'clock tonight the library will be booked and I won't be able to find a computer to finish my paper! Why nine o' clock? Because I have work at 6:00pm to 9:00pm and I am booked solid with six writing tutorials, so I get to look forward to staring at MORE font size twelve papers.

There's really only one thing left to do: weasel in whatever stuff I have left in my mushy brain within the next half hour, go to dinner, go to work, then pray there's a computer available in the library. If not, pass out on bed, wake up very early and finish said paper.

Ta da!

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