Thursday, September 9, 2010

Youtube will be the death of me.

No, really. It's a miracle I get all of my reading done. Scientifically, due to episodes of TV shows on YouTube, I should not be passing my classes with anything higher than a C- because of the time I waste on that damn website. It jus ain' right.

However, when I am reading, sometimes it's enjoyable. So far, reading Appalachian Literature assignments are fun because I like to sound out the dialect of Appalachian characters that are strongly stereotyped as illiterate hillbillies. I read The Star in the Valley this evening and reading it out loud helped me a) figure out what points I should get because I had to dig through the over-the-top flowery language that this author uses to contrast with the b) simple, chopped up dialect of Appalachian English that makes me snicker sometimes when I try to pronounce it out loud. Soon I will have a proper Appalachian accent added to my library of voice impersonations. And by library I really mean, like, seven in total.

Reading detective novels reminds me of reading for my Gothic genre class at UEA so they're easy and breezy. It's really just down to Seminar and Astronomy which might be the death of me.

Oh wait, that's Youtube's fault. Argh!

Also, I'm going camping this weekend with my peers at the Writing Center (UPDATE: I am a writing tutor) and apparently there's a bear threat on the campsite.

I'm also a part of another blog called Tutors Gone Wild - it started this month but trust, it will grow. I'm not giving you the link - just search for it if you really care to find out what it's about.

Yay camping...?

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