Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dear Freshmen Girls

Dear Freshmen Girls (of Roanoke College),

Lucky you! Girls all over campus will be vying for you to join their team/organization/but most likely sorority. Quick! Join one before you feel like a total outcast!

But in all seriousness, you're going to hear some nasty things about other groups of girls and you might think that's because the girl group that's sharing these nasty details wants you. That, sadly, is not always so. Girls will say horrible things just so that no one will want to join a particular group.

I'm just going to lay it out for you: there are sororities and teams and organizations you'll hear about that are "total sluts", "catty backstabbers", and "coke whores". Unfortunately, there's probably a little truth to every single one of those attacks; one or two (or twelve) girls can ruin the entire reputation of a group because of their poor choices.

I once talked to one of my friends that's in the Greek system and she told me how she didn't like doing Rush events because everyone is so fake. A girl who is boasting of her good family background and well-cultured lifestyle might leave out that she prefers to only drink to the point of vomiting every night.

On the flip side, a shy, sweet looking girl might get overlooked because she's considered "boring". A rumor can tarnish a promising recruit because of a few jealous girls who spread it.

Girls who are greeting you into a team/organization/(mostly) sorority also might leave out the hazing details, such as pelting you with raw eggs (don't act like that's secret) or humiliating you in general.

I just want to let you know that from my experience at this small school. Roanoke is a small school -- the competition for recruits is brutal. I am not bashing sororities. I'm just peeved that there are students on campus who are so aggressive in competing for new girls sink so low into spreading rumors like the ones I listed above (par. 3) and unfortunately, it is mainly sorority girls.

Sororities are great opportunities. They help girls learn leadership, help introverted girls come out of their shells, help networking and lots of other things. At least, that's what they did for my older sister, my friend at Lynchburg and several of my friends at Roanoke. But like any all-girl group, there is a dark side and you need to be wary of it.

I'm mainly writing this because of the things I've heard being said about the cheerleading squad, with people telling girls not to try out because "they're sluts" and "they, like, totally suck." Roanoke Cheerleading is doing its best to improve and become something that helps boost school spirit for its athletic departments, as well be an opportunity for students to be a part of something they love...or learn to love. I'm not even going to address the "slut" comments because those are from low, catty people who are jealous/bored/have low-self esteem.

My advice: go to meet and greets with no prejudices in mind. If you're going to think a group of girls are not for you, let your first impression decide. Not some other girls that you've known for two weeks.

Good luck on your first year of college.

Your peer,


P.S. To the girls who talk shit: Seriously, just leave us alone. We'll do the same for you. Just do your thing and let me do mine.

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