Saturday, September 11, 2010


While the new swanky set up of my dorm room is impressive, the placement of my bed sacrifices a lot of my comfort during this season because it is parked right next to the vents. So even on a cold, wet evening like this one, the AC is BLASTING and I have to arrange barriers to keep it less cold when I try to sleep at night. Anyone who knows me will tell you I despise being cold when I'm indoors. Cold belongs outside, not inside, unless it's 100 degrees F or higher outdoors.

Freezing aside, my camping trip was another endurance test of my college career and I passed, seeing as I came back being familiar with a few more faces at the Writing Center and that I was not attacked by a bear or large snake, and I never fell asleep during meeting time that took place from 10:00 to 3:30pm today. Yay me!

Also, to everyone whom I've shared my Halloween costume -- it's not going to be Mad Hatter. Nay, I am doing a DIY costume (compliments to my sister's ingenuity) and I highly doubt anyone else will have it at Roanoke College campus. Victory number two.

Still working on victory number three becauseI'm still freezing from the AC vents just sitting here. Gaaah! More barriers!

The finishing of my third (and most stylish!) scarf is coming at hand. I'm aiming to finish it before October and while that seems like an awful long time to do it, keep in mind I have actual academic assignments that need to be done first. >_>

My calendar gets more and more full with due dates, group meetings and cheerleading duties which means senior year will be going by faster than I expected. October break seems right around the corner already and I have so much to do! That's why I write in my blog instead.

Food for thought: when wearing knee-high boots and a large, button-down shirt (with leggings, skinny jeans, tights, etc), I've learned that it is unwise to pair a waist-belt with the look because...well...I looked a bit like a modern pirate. But preppier. Just saying.

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