Sunday, September 5, 2010

A gentle reminder of why I attend one party a month...

Friday night concluded why I should only attend one Roanoke College party a month. The Roanoke College parties I attended the one night in August were passable on the "fun" scale and upon leaving 308, I had wished I had saved my September night partying for another time in the month.

It's just -- gah, I don't know. Is it the belligerant girls who glare at me because the guy they're trying to hook up with talks to me (we were in the same class freshmen year, calm down Desperate Debbie), the sophomore boys who confuse me for a freshman before I even get to lie to their faces about being one, or the sweaty packing of people who just stand around anyway, drinking rushee beer and crossing their fingers that they'll make a huge mistake that night?

Or maybe it's just my cynical attitude and that I have no motivation to get to know underclassmen/other people I don't know while they're stumbling drunk in smelly areas.

While the bars aren't mind-blowing in Salem, they do the trick when you want to avoid sloppy freshmen and the packs of jock goons who punch holes in the wall.

I sincerely hope that my weekends will be free enough so that the girls and I can travel to other colleges and have some actual fun at house parties.

Sorry Roanoke, but your parties aren't heating my tea these days. It's just better if I wait for those annual parties you throw.

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