Monday, August 23, 2010

It's a fact: women love lists.

Goals for Senior Year:

-Stretch more often; become more flexbile

-Not taking on as many personal projects during the school year: this year, it's decorating my room, knitting, and my blog. No more other arts and crafts, aimless Craigslist and Forever21 browsing, or listlessly watching TV in my free time.

-Go to (even) fewer Roanoke college parties - Gilligan's, Alumni weekend and maybe one other will suffice. Also: Not attend any Salemite parties. Unless Emma is there.

-Save money for Vegas trip in March.

-Not loan anything from my closet to anyone without certain incentives.

-Take better care of my skin; my cousin shared that several of her friends in their mid-30s died of skin cancer.

-Pass Astronomy with a C+ or higher.
-Decorate my room to make up for my minimalist lifestyle last semester due to moving back from England mid-year.
-See/party with Isch and Mo again before I graduate.

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