Friday, August 20, 2010

As promised.

Why are you sitting there reading this. You should be knitting. If you don't know how to knit, you should learn. It's awesome.

If you can do friendship bracelets/hemp weaving/looms, you can knit. It's frustrating to learn at first but after I got the hang of it I produced a shawl for my Granny to wear when it gets cold within a week. And that week was a week of working and stuff, not a lot of sitting around time. Which is why I knitted (knat?) on the subway. As I've told several people already, there's probably a picture of me somewhere online knitting on the subway with a caption of "LOL WTF OLD LADY ALERT STOP KNITTING AND BEING A VIRGIN LMAO!!!!111!!!1"

(The internet should be a privilege, not a right.)

Sherman had told me about knitting years ago (like, two) and at the time I was intrigued but lacked the motivation and convenience to do it. Sure enough, one day I was on the couch watching Entourage (just kidding - it was probably a cartoon) and my mother handed me knitting needles, yarn and a how-to book. "Learn something" she said.

It's so relaxing and time-killing. It's also a cheap crafting activity (so far) -- I'm going to get rid of a majority of my sewing/jewelry crafting supplies to make room for knitting paraphenalia. I might go back to sewing rag bunnies one day. Maybe. Probably unlikely. And yes, I'll still help anyone with scrapbooking if they ask.

Seeing as I've learned this month, I am already on my third scarf and my mistakes have lessened by each one; this is impressive, so be dazzled. I'm hoping this scarf will have no holes in it. Soon enough I'll be making hats, mittens, and eventually Weasley sweaters for my family and friends. If you just rolled your eyes, suck it. Because Meredith is totally psyched.

Also, you won't get one. Nyeh.

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