Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Horror Flick moment.

No, that's not a Scrubs episode title. This JUST happened.

Have you ever seen an exact scene replica from a horror/thriller movie play out before your very eyes in real life?

Ever seen someone react to something like that even though you've never seen the movie?

I've never seen this movie. Dan won't let me. But I know enough about it.

I know scary movies. I like to get caught up in them and close my eyes when the scary stuff is about to happen, but still watch through my fingers anyway. I know the fears the movies prey on people, so stuff like curtains that move by themselves (GHOSTS!) or doors that open by themselves (ALIENS!) and strange cracks and creaks in a house at night (DEMONS!) will freak anyone out.

Slasher movies are easy because it's about seeing a monster, being afraid of the dark, and other corny things. I remember watching Nightmare on Elm Street with Tini and Mere and then during our sleepovers, I'd torture them, telling them that we too live in suburbia and we too will have a serial killer come tap on our second story window. Squeals and whining ensued. Don't get me wrong, I get scared by movies even after they're over too. Not when I have other people around; but, you know, going to sleep alone in dark room is a little daunting.

Another neuteralizing factor of watching scary movies is that every time I watched a horror flick at Tini or Mere's house (come on, back then The Ring was scary, okay?) I had to walk home by myself in the dark. You get used to that kind of thing.

So there I was, hanging out with Dan in his room after a night of, well, nothing. We watched the ending to Kick-Ass with JW, Nate and Anna, then watched 1 and a 1/2 episodes of Scrubs season 4 before retiring to his room to enjoy each other's company. While we were lying in his bed (DEAR DAN: YOUR ROOM IS FREEZING -- GET A HEATER) we stopped dead in our conversation (it was in happy tones until then) because the door to his room moved, creaking its way from closed to wide open, oh...so...slowly. As Dan looked on in anticipation (or terror), I slowly pulled the blankets over my head, hoping whatever came into the room would go away.

"You're awesome in shitty situations," Dan laughed, upon explaining that's exactly how the door opened in The Fourth Kind.
"Whatever I've never even seen the movie," I replied. My inner thirteen year old emerged and I just had to tease him. "Next thing you know," I warned. "You're going to see a white owl at your window."

A scratching noise came from the window right next to me.

"I WAS JUST KIDDING." I screamed and dug my (nicely manicured) nails into his side. "OMG I WAS JUST KIDDING KILL IT KILL IT!"

Even though Dan and I were well aware it was just the tree branch knocking hello thanks to the windy evening, he checked his clock out of Hollywood superstition. It was not 3:33am. If it was, I would have been extremely pis--peeved. I would have been peeved.

Dan doesn't get legitimately scared frequently, but he can be spooked. "Hey Liz? I think it's time for me to drive you home." He probably also wanted to get medical help for the scars I left on him. Whoops.

I'll still be able to sleep tonight because a) I haven't seen The Fourth Kind, b) my door is sturdy enough that it does not open by itself on any occasion and c) my shades are down so seeing anything, much less a white owl-looking-thing is highly improbable.

This concludes that if my door opens slowly on its own and I see a white ANYTHING beyond my shades, I have earned the right to shit myself and cry.

Don't laugh because you would too.

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