Monday, August 16, 2010

Amusement never ceases in the Parke household.

I'm currently watching "The Dark Knight" with my grandmother and every time the Joker is on screen she mutters "vampire!" -- I nod and politely agree with her, then continue typing.

Also, this is awesome.

Where was I -- oh yeah, so my last week in New York City was rather quiet. I worked at night, slept during the day, and packed up everything I owned in that tiny room I dwelled in. It was not a long, tender farewell -- Goodbye airmattress, goodbye unfurnished, windowless room, goodbye closet and goodbye cupboard that was mine in the kitchen. I bellowed out a goodbye to the remaining roommate who was in the shower at the time while I was running out the door to my taxi.

New York really made me endure a lot so now that I know I can work insane hours, wander the streets of Brooklyn at 4:00am without any "incidents" and other poo, I'm starting to pretend I'll be able to make it anywhere. Let's see how that goes after graduation.

This has been a very popular question recently: "What are you doing after graduation?"

I'd like to say I'm joining the circus but instead I reply that I'm keeping my eye on New York City, Philadelphia and DC. An uncle pointed out how accommodatingly cheap each of those cities are, but I'd rather try to make it in one of those cities than move out to Texas. Please don't laugh when that day comes that I actually have to pack my bags for Dallas.

I've had family members tell me that I need to start planning ahead but I really just kind of want to bask in what's happening right now -- sometimes I feel like I can't enjoy things because I'm always thinking about a year in advance. I'm aware I need to give some concern to what's going to happen next, but I feel it's important to balance what's going on in front of you and what you plan on doing two years form now. Should my cousin be looking at internships for her junior year as her freshmen orientation approaches or should she just be excited about picking out her dorm decorations and her outfit for her first day of class?

Short break now, I'm off for a walk with Fortinbras and Granny. It's so dark and dreary outside. It makes me miss Norwich.

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