Monday, August 16, 2010

Recaps. Part one of many.

It's surprisingly frustrating whenever I find out that my blog is actually read because that obligates me to stop futzing around knitting or another time-killing activity and actually write. It's like I'm forced into doing something I'm being labeled as (and falsely proclaiming):

Actual Facebook question: "Are you Elisabeth Parke, the writer?"
My response: "Yes, how can I help you?"
What it should have been: "No, I waste my time doing other things these days. I think there's a Total Drama World Tour marathon on right now kbye."

So instead of writing a very long, tedious entry of things that have happened since I haven't been upating, I will write multiple entries to a) neatly separate the topics I write about and b) give the illusion I've updated a lot in recent days.

My last entry was creative prose and Dan made fun of me last night for making outfits from Forever21 that are under $100 ("Big whoop." "SUCK IT.") so I guess it's time for REAL LIFE STORIES!!

My internship at Joonbug ended prematurely by two days and this allowed me to work more hours at my job and go shopping with the money I earned during day-time hours. This was my last back to school shopping and so I bought...tights.

The only two things I craved that I didn't buy was a pair of flat boots for the winter (after the sudden realization that I only have heeled booties and my pink Uggs to get me through next winter -- and Uggs are not for class) and a GORGEOUS black trench in Atrium (SoHo) with the perfect about of studdage (for my taste) on the shoulders and flattering in every way.

It was at the bargain price of $200 and I had $35 in my checking at the time. Sad faaaace.

So tights it was. At least I know I'll wear them a lot and my new idea is to buy a pair of cheap tights (probably a three dollar pair at F21) and embellish them by sewing on sequins, beads, or whatever I find most attractive on the shelf.

I simply can't bring myself to by a motorcycle/bomber jacket. I don't own a motorcycle and I don't lust after vampires so even if I had that same angry edge I had in high school, I can't wear one.

Even though I'd probably look awesome in a white one. Holla!

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