Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hold your breath.

Okay, so a job interview seemed to go well today but I refuse to divulge publically what position/company it's for until AFTER training. I really, really need this to work out. Plus it seems like it's going to be fun. I met some of the other staff and they are a riot.

Moral: I'm superstitious. Just like my Chinese granny.

As my Chewy bar supply dwindles (I have two left), I begin to realize how much pasta and rice I really have and that I should probably start making a habit of making it. I find food in strange scenerios though (Anne's leftover Chinese, David gives me two drumsticks of his experimental chicken) so it makes me happy that I won't go hungry. Yet. The first month isn't even over.

Daylynn brought back the joy of my eleven year-old days and now I've begun to make it a habit of watching So Weird episodes. It's absolutely fascinating comparing the shows that Disney used to have in the 90s and what has become of it now. Everyone complains about Hannah Montana, but the other crappy shows such as Sunny with a Chance and Wizards of Waverly Place apparently go unnoticed in Youtube user rants.

If only my computer didn't have a virus. Sometimes when I close a certain window/tab of a website (most often Facebook or a fashion themed website such as or, it pops up again and continues to pop up new windows of the same webpage forever. There's nothing I can do but do the "unhealthy" immediate shut-down for my laptop if I want to get anything accomplished. It's quite inconvenient. Anyone know how to stop this? Anyone else ever have this issue?

By the way, I also noticed that my blog is stuck in London time from my Fall semester in England. Whoops.

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