Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A day off from work...and I'm still on a computer.

So while I was applying for more jobs, (not all of them found from Craigslist, by the way) I began to realize how truly dire this financial situation was getting. I'm not going to be in NYC for longer than 8 weeks now and let's be honest, a lot of jobs don't really like that in an applicant. The strain on finding a job now is worse than ever and I'm really close to just selling an organ or something. I'll be able to survive the summer as long as I don't go out to eat/shop/have fun, but with senior year coming up, I won't have any money leftover for textbooks which means I'll have to borrow the books from elsewhere and save up from dirt at the Writing Center.

I miss England. England was the time I had saved up all of my cash from The Gables and I had plenty of money to run around travelling, shopping and go out clubbing. New York is kind of the opposite right now. I mean, I travel to my internship from Brooklyn, I recently just shopped through my sister's hand-me-downs and a thrift store, and went to a cocktail premiere party where everything was free and I could only stay for an hour. I hope I have another chance to go to one of those things and be able to stay longer. *sigh*

Anne was telling me that the chances of me moving out to a city fresh out of graduation will be highly unlikely. She told me (as I already learned from her example) that I was probably going to be stuck in Connecticut for a few more months working, trying to save enough money so I could move out. Save money, move, THEN find a job. Apparently this is a method that works. It's far away now, but there's no problem in planning ahead...?

She keeps asking me if I will move to New York City after college. I mean, I'd LIKE to, because I'm having a good time regardless of my brokeness, but that might change. A year is a long way fom now -- I keep joking with my friends that I'm going to find my calling in Iowa and live with cows all day.

However, as of this moment, my state of mind is the city life and hope to God I can find a job that'll at least buy me a few textbooks for first semester.

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