Monday, June 21, 2010

Craigslist is a Wonderful Tool for Self-Analyzing.

Things I've learned about myself from browsing Craigslist:

-I need to learn QuickBook and be familiar with other computer programs.
-I should have learned Spanish/French because being bilingual is always a plus.
-I absolutely NEED to learn bartending!
-Hey, I do have experience with children. Babysitting and Renbrook Summer Adventure really paid off.
-Wait, I can type faster than 60wpm! And I'm super proficient at Microsoft Office!
-I have stellar phone/interpersonal/communication skills.
-I am very crafty. Yes, I can help you be crafty.
-I should have worked in retail (beyond the Little Red Clock Shop) for more part-time opportunities.
-Why do I feel useless because I have no experience in the Dentist industry...?
-Dammit, WHY didn't I ever take bagpipe lessons?!

Eight response emails later (so like, an hour), these are the things I've reflected over. I really don't want to go back to Diva now because the more I mull over it, the less I want to work there and the more avidly I look for jobs on Craigslist.

I just realized this is my third week in New York City. Yikes.

Hope everyone who reads this (what, like five people?) likes the new layout.

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