Sunday, June 20, 2010

I could easily rant about money issues...

...but I'd much rather talk about the more positive things that are happening right now that make my life in NYC seem much more fabulous than it really is.

So today I went to Sushisamba for a Brazil vs. Ivory Coast game viewing party hosted by Leblon, who was featuring their new light rum and tastey Latin/Asian fushion dishes. I went by myself because I was going to have to bolt afterwards to a job interview in Times Square and I tried to look as confident and chic as possible because I actually felt incredibly awkward and out of place. All of the people there were with magazines and other media-based jobs whilst I was just an intern filling in for EiC. The only person I really go to talking to was Jesse from Maxim, who was there with his roommate and thoroughly enjoying the bottomless glasses of Caipirinha. I merely sipped the beverages, drank lots of water and ate the mini tacos and Kobe beef sliders because I didn't want to be drunk for my interview (bad news bears). Jesse gave me some words of advice when it comes to the editorial media industry and was courteous enough to make small talk with the 21 year-old intern.

The place was packed with yellow and green, as well as two women donned in Brazilian dancing gear (beaded bikinis and huge feathers on their heads) shaking their boo-tays to drums. They did this again after Brazil made their first goal. I was very disappointed I couldn't stay longer.

Nonetheless, I ran out (graciously) to Times Square where I interviewed for a hosting gig. Let's hope I get a call back. I don't know when I'll have to go back to Diva for my menu test but I really need a job for a back-up because the longer I work at Diva the less appealing it becomes.

I did an unwise thing and bought icecream today with Sherman. Actually, it was frozen yogurt but it was absolutely divine and changed my life (when it comes to dessert). This was after a visit to a quaint bookstore and Sherman showing off his new artsy tote bag. Shout out to Sherms: thanks again for holding one of my two pairs of shoes.

Joonbug and apartment life is going well still. I converted a roommate to becoming a fan of and it's nice to come back to the apartment after a long hot day in Manhattan to have a tall glass of cold water. Aaah.

Let's hope this week will bring money into my account. My fingers are crossed.

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