Wednesday, June 9, 2010

B38-Q-R and dirty looks

My commute to work felt like the norm by the second day -- however, I haven't yet taken a direct route back to my apartment but it has something to go with the L and the G. I wonder if that will ever become an issue.

I love waking up to Facebook posts and messages asking me how my fabulous life is in NYC as I roll off of my air mattress (with red sheets and a Spider-man blanket) in my unfurnished, windowless, closet of a room. My stuff is on the floor with the exception of a few pieces of attire that were deemed worthy of wire coat hangers.

I mean, to me, my city life IS fabulous because I'm living with great roommates, I live in funky-cool Brooklyn and work in the chic, fast paced walls of Manhattan. Well, the streets are fast paced. Not my job -- right now, anyway.

I've been assigned (for now) to build content for the D.C. section of so when the new site is launched there will be some stuff there to increase interest and thus, traffic. Eventually when things are figured out, I will be assisting the editor for the NYC tier of the website, meaning I'll be looking over all of the sections (Scene Track, Frequency, Almost Famous, etc) and writing some of my own. For now, it's all about D.C.; my job is to make it look super cool for young adults who like to party.

Things get wonky after sitting in front of a computer for hours though -- I don't know how my Dad does it for his job, and I'm doing interesting things like pop culture, not numbers. I drink a lot of a fluids so I have to go to the bathroom frequently, allowing me time to stretch and walk around, away from the computer.

Right now I'm sitting in (what I think is) the "Glam Damn It" section of computers in the office (you pick and choose your computer station) and they are the Fashion article writers. I understand that I'm "the new kid" (among like 3 new interns this week), but no one has really been talking to me except for the Nightlife intern and my supervisor. Few people here seem friendly so I just kind of keep to myself, churn out articles like a machine and hope that a few more days will break the ice. Anne reminded me that New York is a dog-eat-dog work city and that it's probably all for the best I just work hard and forget about trying to make friends.
(Also, my relaxed/focused face isn't very welcoming so it's probably my own fault I look mean.)

Speaking of mean looks, it's funny when I get on the elevator with other people who work in the building because they always give me dirty looks for taking the elevator to the second floor. Let me tell you -- I've tried to take the stairs but the door is locked to enter the second floor from the stairwell so one must take the elevator. I attempted to be healthy. Didn't work out.

For the record, I dislike Trader Joe's. I don't really care how real and earthy my food is, I need cheap food in my belly. That's it. I'm eating Trader O's and "real" crunchy peanut butter and I don't care. I preferred Salisbury's in England over Trader Joe's any day.

I got to interview an upcoming band called Sinclarity and since I never took a journalism class, I asked them like five questions and then left awkwardly. They were filming a music video (with David Rodriguez as the director) and I could hear them rehearsing from my apartment, the music was so LOUD. Also, it was a block away. And I could see them from my balcony. Keep an eye out for a music video by them called "Wake Up" that's filmed on a warehouse roof.

Anyway, did anyone simply LOVE the Glee finale? I was so happy when Santana and Puck sang together. I simply love them. Not as a couple, but they are my favorite characters.

I am absolutely lost without my heels. I brought one pair of high heels for the first week and that was a TERRIBLE LIFE DECISION. When I get home this weekend I'm FILLING my bag with high heels.

Well, here goes day three at work. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing today other than writing more D.C. articles, even though there have been hints of plans of jobs I'm going to learn/do. But I probably won't find out until this afternoon because no one tells me anything.

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