Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm doing my part in building traffic

If you're visiting Joonbug anytime soon, check out this articles in the D.C. section that I wrote:

-FUR sounds like a blast...
-Pink Lingerie Show at FUR!
-D.C. Votes on Top Three DJs
-Meeps for Keeps
-5th Summer Spirit Festival
-Cuban Oasis (Review for Habana Village)
-D.C. Fashion Week Coming this September

The others have not yet been posted. You may notice that some of them are quite short, but it takes a lot of research online to find these places, read up on them, and then think of ways to make them look fun and interesting. D.C. is hard to write about when you rarely ever go there and it's not really a place that sparks "exciting hot nightlife" in the mind. I try though.

By myself in two days I've written ten articles and the most that is expected of people here to type up in a day is three. I'm the only one working on D.C. right now so I guess I should work more.

Back to rowing the ship.

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  1. you should talk to jasmine, she lives there