Sunday, June 6, 2010

And now for something legitimate.

Now that I have something to actually document - this hasn't happened since England - I will be more apt to write about my life.

Today I moved into my apartment in Brooklyn and tomorrow I will be starting my internship at If you think that happened all very fast, it did. I mean, I got the internship two months ago. Finding a place to stay happened within a week. It was all very stressful, but somehow things came together.

I found a windowless, unfurnished room with A/C in Bed-Stuy and share a four-bedroom apartment with two guys and a girl, all in their later 20s. The girl graduated as an English major a few years ago and the guys are both business/computer types. Good mix, hm?

I have yet to fill up my assigned cabinet with food or even inflate my mattress since I arrived at Grand Central station today at 2:45 with a very heavy duffel bag, a backpack, and three carry-ons (one of them, a pillow). I still need to make (literally) my bed, complete with hastily purchased red sheets at Wal-Mart and a plushy Spider-man throw. My shoulders still have red marks from the straps of my bags and how heavy they were.

I had dinner at Sherman's apartment and it was only a half-hour walk from my apartment. I experienced firsthand his infatuation with yellow rice and beans. I forced him to eat veggies with this meal. After dinner we took a short walk to Blue Marble and had some delicious ice-cream. I'm positive my visits will be frequent and give me a good work-out.

I'm very nervous about getting to my internship tomorrow, but the quickest way I've found is the bus and the R rail. Wish me luck on my first day tomorrow!

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