Monday, February 8, 2010

Internship hunting, swamped, and Bingo. You read that right.

If you've been watching the weather news lately, you've probably caught wind that my college's area has been hammered by snow. As fun as it was the first snowfall, Salemites and Roanoke students alike became vexed by the continual pummeling of snow. Southerners are driving around in their cars with Everest on their rooftops. People are slipping on ice. Classes were cancelled Friday. Parties have been difficult to get to.

Some losers, like this one, helped build snow forts
with nothing but a lunch tray.
As such, Friday night not only displayed further proof that I go to a retirement home for my college education (and that attention-whores get what they want when they sit on bleachers and make out distastefully), but I proved victorious when I won a collection of items from Bingo. These items included a 12 pack of soda, popcorn, two DVDs (each containing four films), and a board game I'd rather not mention. Ask me in private if you want a good laugh.

Okay, so you'll probably be reading a lot about Valentine's Day and what to wear; I'll just leave that to and leave out the Valentine fashion lecture. Seeing as that I haven't formally celebrated Valentine's Day in three years, I see no reason to suggest what you should wear.

Instead, here is not one, but two outfits I've created from nothing but F21 gear. The first is rather plain, but helps me look forward to spring weather!

Spring fashion is released in February and I'm so excited! I channeled Hilary Duff's look from Gossip Girl (NEW EPISODES MARCH) and if it looks like I based the outfit around the fedora hat, I did. I usually don't go for the fedoras but that one was just so charming with the colorful band -- I used a basic white T and boyfriend jeans to focus more on simplicity and colorful details. I threw in an anchor necklace because I felt it was obligatory. Yay nautical!

The second is one I made a LONG time ago and based it off of my friend Betsy's pick: The purple floral cardigan. I made an outfit to reflect her cold campus in NH (which, ironically, doesn't have snow unlike sunny Salem. That is buried in feet of snow.) and her love of owls.

I feel as though this outfit is more current-weather friendly than my other one. Screw you, Pux, no one asked for six more weeks of winter.
Believe it or not I've been swamped with things to do/take care of in the first few weeks I've been back at Roanoke. My presentation for English majors about England, cover letters for internships, editing my resume, the ludicrous amount of reading I'm supposed to read and digest in an unreal time-frame, cheerleading, and the Writing Center, just to name a few. I hate sending people my schedule because you'd look at it and say "Pft, your class hours are ideal, you cotton-headed ninny muggins!" but it never includes the rando meetings I have or the time spent on my summer plans. I haven't been so nerve-racked about applications since high school and I got early admission so it didn't last long. I keep thinking at night, what if I don't get my dream internship in NYC? What if I don't get any at all?

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  1. Might I just say that the outfit you planned with me in mind are are things I love! Now if I just had 80 dollars to spare...