Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back in VA. Yeah.

My return to Roanoke has been...placid. I enjoyed setting up what little I had in my room -- no decorations, no microwave or refridgerator, not even my cheap full length mirror from Walmart -- and spending some quality time with Kylee and her Wii. I hit the gym this morning and discovered how horrendously out of shape I was but that's okay because there were few people to judge me. However, I was laughed at by the girl next to me when my iPod switched to a new song that's volume was TEN TIMES LOUDER THAN THE LAST SONG so I nearly blew out my eardrums and yelped as I lunged to fix the skewed volume settings. I guess I would've laughed too if I wasn't bleeding out of my ears.

I discovered today I was at my lowest weight since I started checking it at college, but then sighed when I realized it was from lack of muscle. Swedish power bars, anyone?

I bought my required paperbacks, ate some poptarts, and intended on getting a hair trim today but the salons were all booked. I feel like trying something new but at the same time terrified. Bangs? Too much work to manage. Layers? Too boring. Super short hair? I'll save that when I have kids and too busy for long showers. I really don't know what to do if I wanted to do something different with my hair. Suggestions?

Having alone time forces me to read (ugh, I know, right?) and after reading a few chapters of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (I recommend), I consulted my 'Zaar "Great Style" book and followed it's advice. As part of my New Years Revolution, I intend to spend less of my fashion money at Forever 21 by buying only basics and fewer dresses, coats, "fancy" tops, etc. Fewer.
As such, I used my Gift card to buy some tanks, a new crisp white t-shirt and button down, and some cheap jeans. A good start. Hopefully I can keep to this when spring/summer clothing rolls around.

I like my living conditions so far -- I'm directly across from the bathroom and a water fountain, I have one neighbor and the rest of my neighbors are on the other side of the bathroom or a floor above. If anyone ever visits, there's plenty of room for you on my floor. I can probaby fit about seven marines on my floor. I doubt Andy or Mo read this so that reference is meaningless to everyone else.

I am famished. I wonder what Chef Bob is serving this evening.

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