Friday, October 30, 2009

So before I go lock myself away in the library...

I was reading this week's HauteLinks at and one of the links that struck me featured CNN Money (shock). They organized jobs lists by "most stressful/badly paid", "least stressful jobs" and "top 50 best jobs". In America.

Now I'm not sure if they are 100% on the bullseye, but after surfing in my free time yesterday, it didn't hurt to browse...

Of course, very few of them specify towards English majors. I mean, there was "College professors", but for anyone who knows me will vouch that I am not a good teaching figure. In fact, the job survey I took back in sophomore year at Roanoke consisted of "advertisement executive" and "military officer" in the top three. I forgot the third one, but I remember my score for being a math teacher was a -12. A negative on a job suggestion? What does that even mean? Not only will I fail at being a math teacher, but unspeakable horrors will come of it? Good grief.

If you've read my Facebook wall, you'll be aware that I (apparently unwillingly) made plans to see Drag Me to Hell tonight with my flatmates. Looks awful. At least Justin Long's in it. I really liked him in He's Just Not that Into You. The link is a trailer for that movie - I laughed out loud. I love Kevin Connolly. Please watch Cooper at 3:00 too.

Last link of the day before I start isolating myself to writing NOT for my entertainment and for others, at least Farmington/Hartford area isn't on the list.

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