Thursday, October 29, 2009

Because Forever 21 doesn't HAVE internships...

Dear Forever 21,

I have decided that you need to hire me. I am familiar with the store's merchandise, the vastness of your demographic, and your marketing strategies. I feel as though I would have a lot to offer to the company.

First, you would need to start reconsidering who you are putting in charge of the photos for the Twelve by Twelve merchandise on your website. Regardless that most of the items of clothing you sell through the Twelve by Twelve line do not appeal to me, it is no excuse for using poorly sewn examples to market them. It is clearly evident in some of the clothing that there is messy stitching and wrinkled material where there SHOULDN'T be, which no doubt affects the consideration of purchasing from most of your customers.

Secondly, whoever is in charge of deciding what trends Forever 21 should market needs to speak with me before making a decision because I can tell you exactly which products are going to go straight to the "sale" rack and which ones will be sold out online within a day. Seriously, elastic waist jeans? If consumers really wanted to follow that trend, they could have gone to their attics and dust off those pants they wore in the first grade.

Third, I love your store.

Please consider this as my application essay for your non-existing internship.



  1. Seriously if people wanted elastic waist jeans they could just go over to a maternity cause that's who wears them aside from little kids.. like really that's not a trend.


    not that i approve, but i spy an elastic waist band!
    (kanye's gf, in case you've been living under a british rock)