Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great Yarmouth, Fashion Disasters, and Shout out to F21

So earlier this month I took a quick train to Great Yarmouth to see the North Sea. It was nice to see the coast and it was fun walking up and down the boardwalk of carnival rides and greast food stands. My adventure there didn't bring me as much excitement as Cambridge did, but I did get eat a fresh doughnut, took lots of pictures and meandered through the streets of the marketplace. It was surreal to see so many old churches and lovely architecture be surrounded and overrun by cheap beach toy shops and souvenier stands. Please refer to my Facebook photo album for visuals.

I liked to picture Yarmouth during the summer time, when the place would no doubt be most populous with families and teens taking up every inch of sand on the beach, filling up the numerous parking lots I walked passed and creating long lines for rides like the Ferris Wheel and the rollercoaster. The pedestrian streets had lines of lightbulbs hanging over the street - they probably looked very pretty during summer nights. I do wish I had gone with someone to have dinner with or see a greyhound race with but oh well. More exciting things happened in Oxford.

On a completely different note, I'd like to indulge you with more complaints about clothing - this time, the things I've seen on UEA campus.

Today, I was sitting in one of my classes and realized that the girl sitting three seats down from me had a HUGE deoderant stain on the back of her right shoulder. How did it get there? Why hasn't she noticed it? Why didn't any of her friends check her before she left the living residence? Why didn't I say anything? Because I didn't know her, we were in the middle of class and there was no discreet way of filling her in. I felt bad, but that's why you check yourself before leaving to go out in public.

Yesterday, a girl in my class was wearing a beret. Okay, yes, even though I don't really feel them, knit/yarn berets or as a scuzzy boy told me while I was waiting at JFK (long story >.>), "granny hats" are very in.

What's really awkward is that I once had a bright orange slouchy yarn hat but apparently I was too ahead of the trend, convinced that it looked like a deflated pumpkin, and gave it away.

However, when your wear a SEQUINED beret, and I don't mean a slightly embellished one like the CR example, but COATED in LARGE SEQUINS, you look silly. It's the kind of silly you're going to be showing pictures of yourself to your children or just look back on and think why the hell was I wearing a sequin beret? I should have seen this horrid thing coming when Vampie and I first saw that goddamn rainbow sequined beret at F21! If you're going to wear a knit beret, fine, it's your style, it's the trend, go for it. But please don't flash the trend in my face with your tacky sequined beret that most likely feels like you have lice from being so itchy. GOD.

And for the last time, stop wearing cowboy fringe like some girls on this campus. It was in for a week and those who had the common sense to ignore it now have to suffer when you go stomping around in your boots that would look nice if it weren't for your stupid fringe swinging all over the place. If you don't believe me, believe 'Zaar. Unless you're a cowgirl, fringe is a no go. Same with denimn on denim pieces. Why do I always find people who argue with me about this? It's not hard. Just don't do it. Ever. "But it's the same shade!" No. Just don't do it.

I'm not done. I need to have a word with Forever 21.

Dear Forever 21,

I love your store. I've converted a number of my friends to go there first for shopping and I probably know more about the merchandise and the store itself than most of your employers.

However, we need to talk.

I would appreciate it if you would stop putting holes in my shoes. It is winter and I don't want my toes to be cold. I know I could wear some fun tights or socks, but it would really just be better off that we transition from cute summer/autumn peep toes to...you know...not peep toes.

And enough with the tiered dresses and skirts. They aren't all that flattering. This trend will pass and all will be well again. Trust me.

That is all.


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  1. Ok, I'm definitey with you on the beret thing and the shoe thing (what's with that?!), but I'm confused when it comes to the dresses. Is it just the ones with layered fabric pieces at the bottom that you don't like, or simply all dresses that are cinched in the middle and flow out on the bottom? Because I own one of those dresses (the plaid one I bought with you and Mere this summer) and I happen to love it!=]