Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"It's the Cheesiest!"

After three consecutive "I miss you"s on my facebook wall, I assumed it was time to update. Yes, I miss you too.

However tonight I was blessed with half a blue box of cheesy ecstacy - oh Kraft, how you warm my heart. Philly's parents mailed her a box as a reminder that America is Home sweet home and she was kind enough to share it with me. I have followed Philly's example by asking my sister to mail me a box of mac+cheese as well - and perhaps some goldfish. There are no snacks that smile back at me here. I mean, besides Hobnobs. I'm pretty sure they smile at me.

After discovering I didn't have two presentations due in my gothic class at all and then being reminded (for the first time) that I have a close reading due Friday, you'd think I'd be a little more agitated. Wrong! I've already planned out my paper and still riding on my wave of smugness after receiving a good grade on the poem previously mentioned. Only problem is that I have to keep the bar high and hope the gothic assignment will be okay since there is little to no rubric for it. >.>

Gossip girl viewing session is happening tonight and all of the girls - and NG - are pumped. I'm thinking Wales will watch with us if we bother him enough ("I like the part when he stops moving!"). We have no TV and since it airs in America at the equivalent of 2:00am here, we found it best to wait until Tuesday night to make sure all of the girls are here so we can pack into Beth's room and squeal about Blair and Chuck and talk over Nate's pointless storyline. And for the first time, Vanessa actually adds something to the plot instead of being whiny and messing shit up.

I want to go somewhere else this week but I'm not sure where to - perhaps I'll tough out the 3 hour train ride to Oxford (Dylan and Mo: "HA!!") or wait 'til the weekend to go to London and really look around. Suggestions?

Fun fact: I skyped my family last night and found out that Fortinbras is HUGE, as well as loving the fact that his ears perked up when I called his name through Ted's computer. Good boy for remembering mummy's voice. I'm hoping my webcam will be delivered to me this month so I can actually web chat with people again!


  1. as soon as you get your webcam we are definitely skyping!!

  2. Aw how I miss Fortinbras! I can't wait to see how big he's gotten!