Thursday, August 6, 2009

"All eyes on me in the center of the ring..."

Everyone's in a tizzy about this new schtick F21 has going on that's circus themed. It's as if they thought to themselves: "How can we take something totally outrageous like the circus and make it so people would wear in it the streets?"

Um, well, they did it. And apparently fashion magazines and blogs alike are buzzing compliments about these frilly, striped and bowed themed clothes.

Honestly? Not a huge fan. I think there are a few items I would buy if my money sitch wasn't as tight as it is: I like the "ringmaster dress" and what used the "ringmaster jacket" (I don't have an ego issue, I can't help what they name the attire that I like) but other than that, it doesn't necessarily fit my "style", which still kind of remains a mystery. Props to the adventurous ones who pull off the circus folk look.

Just wondering: is anyone reminded of Hot Topic at all? By any of these? Just a little?


  1. forever 21 didn't think this up on their own, they knew it would be successful because there are a few collections right now themed just like this. f21 is known for ripping off designer brands / runways (they've had multiple lawsuits because of it) i think that's part of their appeal for people, lookalikes and really cheap.

    here's a pretty close example of what they're copying right now (from brazilian magazine l'officiel) that's been on a lot of fashion blogs:

  2. I know I should feel guilty for assuming Forever21 would think this up on their own, but on the other hand, what are the chances I read brazilian magazines?

  3. you don't speak portuguese? i'm disappointed.