Thursday, August 6, 2009

More ways Disney ruins colors for me.

Sifting through Glamour's fashion articles, there was a piece about the outbreak of outrageous neon colors that brightened up the runways (including Michael Kors - cheers!) and so after watching the "how to" video, here's my take on fall day-glo wear:

Neon pink is obviously going to be one of the biggest colors for this neon trend, but I think if I were to follow this style, I'd lean more towards cooler colors. (Cool neon colors? Oxymoronic?) I'd probably try the fuschia, blue or green (even the orange!) but neon yellow (or green/yellow) makes me think of large highway/street signs that direct traffic. The color is loud and bold but I'm not sure everyone can pull off the look. I strongly feel this trend is going to be brief because of the 80's relapse so my suggestion is to not get too carried away with collecting neon attire. However, a statement coat would be fun this season - to take a break from navy, brown and other neutral colored coats...

And for anyone who's ever watched enough Disney channel from past years will understand that this color surge isn't new:

And I'm hesitant to start wearing clothing similar to angsty teen individuals:

I don't hate Hot Topic, its just too easy to tease.

So if I'm going to partake in this neon trend, I firmly believe it should be one invesment piece. Like Michael Kors or that little Versace number.


And what's sad? John Hughes' death during the return (with a vengence!) of the 80's fashion.

If you don't know who John Hughes is, you do. You just didn't know you knew.

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