Saturday, July 4, 2009

While I'm here...

I can't fathom why I started a blog. No one reads blogs anymore. I read blogs because I'm an English major with the patience to read longs texts in tiny font and I spend most of my time alone in the suburbs since I have no car of my own. What's YOUR excuse?

Remember way back when blogging was the IT thing? People with absolutely nothing to say were blogging bad poetry, complaints of that mean kid in their math class and conspiracy theories. People realized that as a whole most blogs were crap and the fad phased out. Even Maddox, my favorite back in the early 2000's, has lost its spark of entertainment since he updates once in a blue moon.

Now I've had to resort to websites like and for idle time wasters. is an amazing website. I think people take it for granted because it's written and edited by other people whose validities are questionable and prefer to go to the "experts". However, the how-to lists are fascinating and the related links are even better.

For instance, my friends and I like to plan themed parties to liven up the boring town I live in. I decided to go to to find any suggestions for parties. The results were staggering. My curiosity got the better of me when I simply HAD to check out "How to have a Zombie Themed Prom". Oh man! If only I were back in high school! Imagine the social exile I'd get into for suggesting it! I clicked it and briefed the page. Related links were as followed: "How to Tell Someone You Won't go to Prom with Them", "How to deal with a girlfriend chooses to go to prom with someone else", and "how to look like a zombie".

Just imagine the situation when you'd need these bits of advice.

Girl: Sorry I can't go to prom with you.
Boy: But...I thought we were dating! I thought we were going together!
Girl: You're not zombie enough.

...But I guess it most cases these days it's girls dumping guys because they're not like Edward.

There was also a very detailed page of "How to have a party by yourself". I didn't know whether to laugh hysterically or give sympathetic "aww"s for the long, meticulous list of steps and tips to throw a successful party when you are the only one. I guess Stoppard would label it as a "tragicomedy". There are some lonely people out there.

However, there are some reliable pages on wikiHow. One of my favorites which I couldn't accomplish in my given setting was the How to build a Hidden Door Bookshelf. If I had a door in my room that led to a smaller room, I would definitely want to install a bookshelf door. I currently keep my books on my shoe shelf (my shoes in my hanging shoe shelves) and I would love to have a bookshelf to store my books - and display my nicer shoes.

If you could write anything for wikiHow, as random as you can imagine, what would it be? What is your favorite wikiHow page?

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