Sunday, July 5, 2009

I hate Maxi dresses - Oh, Happy belated 4th!

After watching fireworks on the rooftop in New Britain and driving home at an ungodly hour that would only be acceptable if I were mid-semester at college, I spent my sunny Sunday tanning by my friend's pool and wishing I had my own car to purchase a discounted this:

This is what I would sport as my LBD and today was my last day to use my coupon! Good thing my second one starts July 17th. I only buy things from Express once a season and I've been having trouble finding something with studs that doesn't make me think of Hot Topic swag. has reminded us that this summer, studs are big and are worth investing in (possibly because they can carry over into the fall unlike maxi dresses *sneer*).

Speaking of my distaste for maxi dresses, I had made a vow since my viewing of "What Not to Wear". When I found out I couldn't (well, shouldn't) wear minis after 30 that I will continue to prefer mini skirts/shorts/dresses until then (or until my legs give out). I suggest for those who find this rule news to do the same. Sadly, you aren't forever 21.

And in memory of F21's Free Shipping sale in celebration of July 4th, I'd like to take a moment to discuss monokini's:

top left: Forever 21, top middle: Charlotte Russe, top right: Victoria's Secret
bottom left:, bottom right: Target

First thing I thought when I saw these things were that this is a fad for people who don't worry about tan lines. Ever. Perhaps they pay for it or, for some tanorexics, have a tanning bed instead of a mattress, but I will always prefer a tan earned by being outside - beach or otherwise. I find myself to have a square-ish figure so for curvy girls who can have the monokini work to their favor, good for you. Also, do not be fooled by fake monokinis.

photo courtesy of Forever 21

It's cute, it's funky, but that back string still makes it a low-cut onesy. This proves that when one thinks "monokini" they think "sexier than a one-piece". I don't think this would have sold as well if it were tagged as a one piece. Thoughts on one-pieces, anyone?

Hope you all had a good fourth of July!

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