Saturday, July 4, 2009

Project for the Summer

My project for the summer is to prove to myself that my love of writing wasn't a phase. I write in my journal but I get lazy and sometimes ostracize it to my left nightstand, forcing it to make friends with my dad's suggested "Russian 19-Century Gothic Tales". I only got half-way through one of those tales and learned I can't fully engross myself in a story when I can't pronounce any of the names of the characters. Examples: I had to nickname Praskovya Osipovna as "Susie".

I've been reading fashion blogs like, The Skinny by F21 and articles from other fashion-oriented websites and figured I should exercise my writing abilities by getting a blog myself. I'll give it two weeks tops.

I'm currently obsessing over grey jeans. Especially these:

Photo courtesy of

Grey seems to be hitting hard this season; though Bazaar says to invest in grey cardigans for fall, I'm taking Cosmopolitan's side (gasp!) and going with the idea of grey as a "go-to neutral". I like the idea of using it as a neutral and taking a break from black and navy blue.

Two facts about me:

-I love Scrabble
-After college I want to work at a publishing company or work in the editorial department in some sector of the fashion industry

I'm going to study abroad in England for a semester come this September and I won't know what to tell those Brits when they ask me about Obama. Seriously. I'm that asshole of America who is completely apathetic to her government. I have friends who worship the guy like a rock star of the 60's and other friends - and family - who don' for him. I read articles my brother will send me once in a while but I really won't know what to tell those Brits who probably love him.

Things I know about Obama:

-He's black (solid start)
-He likes Scrabble and Cranium
-He has a wife named Michelle
-a dog (big deal apparently?)
-a Democrat

That's basically it. I don't watch the news because the media just kinda humps the man's leg like a neutered, horny wiener dog, but I haven't racked up any solid evidence (or memory of evidence told to me by my friend Mo, my brother, or parents) of why I would hate him so much. For those politically involved out there, please comment as you wish.

No one really sits me down and teaches me these things. And I don't have the motivation to get up off my ass and learn it myself. I barely passed Civics with a C. Then people just assume because I'm from a well-educated background that I MUST be opinionated and well informed. I'm not.

Fashion is another issue. My sister will give me tips and remarks about what I'm doing wrong dressing myself and how to correct it but she's never really explained the things I need to know if I want to work in the fashion industry. I love fashion, I spend too much on clothes and most of my websites are about fashion, yet I (knew full well beforehand that I would) failed the couture quiz at Unlike politics, however, I'm motivated to learn for myself and study because I actually have an interest in it, unlike Obama. In any case, I'm determined to learn things I won't need to know when I go to England.

Links to informational websites, advice, and knowledge about fashion self-education would be helpful.

Oh, and anything on Obama would help too. I guess.

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