Friday, July 24, 2009

The Unlikely Staple.

Ever since I saw Alicia Keys in the "My Boo" music video, I fell in love with her "jacket over nightgown" look.

I got these images from a Youtube.


Now I'm not saying I traipse around in just a slinky nightie in public, but I have found all kinds of ways to wear a chemise dress: as a peeking slip (to take that "revealed bra" trend up a notch) under a tunic (like that F21 Shibuya Mon Amore Owl tunic), a tank top under a button down (some buttons undone) with pants/skirt/shorts, and if it's a cotton chemise, why not just add a light jacket or a cardigan with a belt and fake it as an actual dress?

Take it from someone who likes to sleep in, I often roll out of bed and rush to class or, more importantly, breakfast during the school year and I like to wear my sleepwear in class!...In proper fashion, of course. You don't want to look like you just took the walk of shame.

The secret is to keep the dress chemise discreet, yet intriguing, like a shy lacy tank top. Unless you are actually lounging in the privacy of your own lounge space, make sure the chemise is mostly covered to avoid looking like a wanna-be Moulan Rouge preformer.

As my shameless advertising of Forever 21 continues, here are some samples of slips that are within price range, with some other stores that I sometimes go to:


  1. I don't think I would ever wear these outside my bedroom, but I love the peacock one from F21 and the VS one is adorable too:)

  2. Love these tanks!!! With the right jeans and jacket, they could be worn anywhere! The zebra one is my personal fave!