Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Absolute laziness, yet always tired.

It's alarmingly busy and yet lazy work to watch a puppy. Training an 8 week old bulldog to NOT pee on tile floor and do that outside is a job tht requires me sitting a lot in the kitchen, no opportunity of napping, and running back and forth between the back yard and the kitchen every twenty minutes or so. I haven't been able to think of topics to write about lately so while Fortinbras is sleeping, here's a sigh of relief for me:

The Dreaded Anna Sui "Gossip Girl" line for Target. Of Doom.

The second picture I've knicked from

When I found out about this, I was stricken with grief. Mass produce a cheap clothing line that barely reflects the characters' fashion taste? Awful. Gossip Girl inspired, I suppose, but Gossip Girl is all about the world of wearing an unlimited collection of high-priced, high-quality clothing daily and thinking nothing of it. A clothing line for Target doesn't inspire the same feeling of quality fabric. Gossip Girl fashion is meant to be elite, and diluting this notion through mass-produced copies for make-shift "Serenas" and "Blairs" disappointed me.

However, thanks to, I am assured that the name of Gossip Girl will no longer be associated with Target, since the allignment with the TV series was too promiscuous and plain dramatic. As silly as I believe that sounds ("Wearing this wanna-be Serena outfit inspires me to do cocaine and kill someone!") , I'm glad Gossip Girl fashion will remain in its white tower rather than join the ranks of, say, Xhiliration. Best believe Blair Waldorf would not wear that brand. Ick.

My sister has only been watching GG this summer to catch up on its magical world of teenage adults and independently wealthy (and wise) teenagers, and I think it's fair to say I can only watch the series by myself. Other than Mo, I cannot watch GG with anyone else because anyone else is sane enough to keep quiet and listen to the dialogue of what's going on. I prefer to yell at Vanessa for being so annoying, laugh at how pointless yet beautiful Chace Crawford's character is sometimes, and swoon over the Blair and Chuck relationship. I find this perfectly acceptable because the show's predictability allows me to talk over some dialogue and find out later what's going on. I love Gossip Girl.
For those with money and even more obsessed than I, there's always the Gossip Girl tees sold at Hooray!

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