Friday, July 10, 2009

Seriously, check out that panties link. So cute!

I am watching (and participating in) a debate of Forever 21 fashion involving devout Christians.


It is easy to forget the store's Christian values that are printed on the bottom of their bags, even though it's hard to reflect those values through young adult clothing whose origins are L.A. Face it, kids, the bag is meant to reflect the faith of the owner of Forever 21, not try to enforce the faith through the actual materials sold, nor evangalize youths. Don't punish the non-Christians for purchasing cute, cheap clothes that are less than church friendly and Dani, don't complain about subtle hints of Christian faith in places you don't even look.

These aren't pamphlets forced in your hand, street preachers in your face, or Gideon Bibles you try to avoid being handed while walking across campus to your class. It's just a bag. Jews can buy Forever 21 merchandise too.

Do-Won Chang is just giving you a heads up of his religion. Don't get your $3.80 panties in a twist.

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  1. Ummm THANK YOU! This has really caused quite a stir, and I don't think that it's such a big deal. I mean come on, if they were Buddhists or Hindu and professed that faith on the bottom of their bags, would anyone complain? No.