Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Addiction.

The collages started off small enough: binder and folder covers, birthday cards for friends, etc. However, the zen-like state I entered when collaging started to verge into entrapment and then obsession. Here is a wall of mine from high school. Note that it is mostly compromised of things I made: paintings, drawings, doodles and other collages. Some magazine clippings here and there, but still essentially my works of art. Post high school graduation, shit got real, due to moving off to college and I was busy with classes, my job, my Roanoke activities, and being social in general. There wasn't as much time to sit down and draw. After getting over the awkward hump of freshmen year, I relapsed and got some girls on my hall floor to participate in decorating every inch of the corridor.

Everything was plastered with magazine clippings, posters, and even color book pages we had done ourselves. I'm positive not everyone was pleased with it (it's stimulation overload, apparently. And did I mention a gigantic fire hazard?) but it all stayed up until the end of the year when we were forced to tear it all down. Another recession happened junior year with my semester abroad and my second semester in a room that I applied minimal decoration to. Why bother for only four months? Then Senior year came.
Back with a vengeance.


Senioritis, dude.

I restrained myself from only doing two walls in my room, but I could have easily done the entire dorm if I felt like it. And it's all from fashion magazines. I even tried to color-code them.

Anyone need anything collaged? My preferred canvas is at least seven to eight feet high.

...I have a problem.

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