Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey Arnold! Fashion Ideas - CF, please don't sue.

Okay, so hopefully at some point of reading this blog or within the first five minutes of meeting me, you became aware of my interest in fashion. I like attire. I like outfits. I write for Now while I thoroughly enjoy doing my research for blog posts featuring fun facts about fashion designers, I love reading the off-the-wall fashion inspiration articles. They started off tame enough, with articles featuring inspiration from celebrities, models, films, and of course, Gossip Girl.

Where would we be without that show.

Anyway, so the fashion inspiration articles started reaching out to Disney characters and Nintendo characters. So why not Nickelodeon characters? Why not from one of my favorite animated shows, Hey Arnold!? Here's my version of the Fashion Inspiration: Hey Arnold! Femmes (product information not included)

Helga G. Pataki
This girl lives in the city and she is tough tomboy decked out in pink. Boots for the badass attitude, the pink dress and bow for her softer side, and don't forget that locket you carry around that holds the photo of your favorite football head.

Lila Sawyer
As a country girl, Lila is more conservative and girly than most of her peers who have lived in the city for all their young lives. You wouldn't be giving off the sweet country-girl vibe without some plaid and your favorite little bows.

Rhonda Wellington Lloyd
She's chic, she's snobby, she's all that -- Rhonda strikes me as a girl who would prefer something form-fitting; covering, but sexy. I added pearls to stand in for her white collar and emphasize her snootiness.

Phoebe Heyerdahl
Phoebe is shy and an intellectual, so even with this cute blue dress and adorable little flats, don't forget your book bag to hold all of your books (and Helga's homework that you'll be doing). Don't you love her blue frames?

Patricia "Big Patty" Smith
Patty, like Helga, is a tough girl with a sweet side. Again, bows for her courteous, kind nature; boots for stomping on people who are unnecessarily rude to her.

Ruth P. McDougal
Ruth is an "older woman" in Hey Arnold!, so I figured she'd wear something more mature than a simple dress or t-shirt. Still, she is a city gal and a sixth grader, so black sneakers for long walks at the Cheese Festival.

A similar outfit to Patty's (how much fashion variation do fourth graders know anyway? Besides Rhonda.) but with little flats and bug earrings, as a tribute to her fascination with insects.

I actually chose vegan-friendly jeans for this outfit. Sheena is totally a hipster vegan who very much enjoys peace and hugging trees than any kind of conflict. Don't forget your giant orange flower accessory. Don't like it? Well it might be because you're not a fourth grader.


Thoughts? If you like these, definitely check out They have a never-ending supply of affordable outfit ideas. If anything you should be impressed by my outfit making. Or find this amusing. Laughter does make the world go 'round...

**If you're dying to know where one of these products are from, just comment and I'll post you the link. I don't want to be TOO much like


  1. Love all the outfits and the thought put into them! One little correction, if I may: Sheena is a hippie, not a hipster! ;)

  2. Great. I am definitely in love with these outfits. But not Arnold, football head. He looked at me! ;o

  3. Awesome! Where are Phoebe's blue glasses from?