Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pictures from 1991 January Glamour

Pages 116-117, 118-119, and 122-123 from 1991 Glamour magazine (January).
Photographed by Hiromasa.
Dos and Don'ts from January 1991 issue of Glamour.
I like the shades of grey - notice anything missing? (Celebrities?)
For these pictures' relevance, check out my 101st post and compare them to the Dos and Dont's for January 2011!
***All pictures were hastily taken from the Roanoke College Glamour Archive Jan-June 1991 volume 89 (Missing March, April) by me. None of these are for profit. If they were, I would've started doing this years ago. And a much better job of doing it.

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  1. Hey you,

    A very slow Friday afternoon so I'm checking out all your cool stuff. You will go far my dear! I'm very impressed. I wish I had a job - that you'd want - so I could hire you!

    I loved the Valentino documentary and also the September Issue about Anna W. I watched it with my mom and we almost put it in a watched it a second time!

    Remember me when you're big a famous! Laura Rawlings