Sunday, January 30, 2011

101st Post! January Glamour issues 1991 and 2011

Besides that my images are too small to read (pft, just zoom in why don't you) and that I switched the color of the font according to the year, this sloppily put-together mess is an attempt to show comparisons between the 1991 January issue of Glamour compared to the 2011 issue - twenty years later. If my laptop wasn't (STILL.) broken and I didn't have schoolwork, this would be much more professional and nice looking.
My next post will feature pictures from the Glamour 1991 magazine - but not the 2011. If you want to see the pictures that go with the photo shoots and Dos and Donts, then just buy the magazine. Duh.
I'll see if I can improve my execution for the February issue comparison.
Hope you find this interesting!

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