Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bursts of inspiration are often followed by immediate sleep intervals.

My cousin introduced me to the twisted world of Allie Brosh a few days back and within that short period my time spent on doing actual things as plummeted. I found the best way to handle this situation is to take my entire Seminar class down with me by introducing them to the blog so that if I can't study for the upcoming exam, then no one can.

It's amazing what inspiration can do. After reading a lot of her stories and ell oh elling (Noah corrected me: "I think you mean 'lawling'.") at her silly drawings, I proceeded to add her to blogs I routinely creep on and got the motivation to finally apply to be a writer for Rejection is imminent, but by golly I tried!

I realized after surveying the blogs I read, it occurred to me that I don't do a lot of "correct" things that successful blogs do: I rarely use visual aids, I purposefully write about stuff no one cares about (scroll down for "oxford shoes" paragraph) and I don't advertise frequently. Also known as "at all".

Maybe I'll never be as funny or well known as Ms. Brosh but her blog certainly helped inspire me. I really really hoped everyone clicked that link up there so that when Noah and I look at each other with panicked expressions and start going "eeeeeeeeeee" during our exam, then fewer people will think we're bat-shit insane. And possibly join in.

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