Sunday, November 28, 2010

My blog! When you could be doing something else!

I don't know why it always bothers me when someone admits to reading my blog. I know it's posted for the world to see, but for some reason when someone asks me to update my blog or comments on something I had blogged about earlier, it's...just...weird. Perhaps in my fanciful world, I expected that the people who would read my blog would be nameless strangers I would never meet or talk to. Then again, those kinds of people who read my blog and find it interesting are the people I should worry about.

But nonetheless.

Thanks to my sister I finally have a chance to try out these Oxford flats. Dark brown, crocodile patterned, and flat, I'm excited to work them into my wardrobe. However, they'll never fill the gap in my heart since the loss of the F21 shiny black Oxford high heeled booties. Sob sob

Legitimate things to sob about include the upcoming slaughter of exams and projects within the next three weeks, the discovery of lizard leashes, and my financial struggle for appropriate Christmas gifts. Perhaps I can work overtime at the Writing Center...?

But seriously, this iguana leash issue can be thanked to a night of nothing on TV and my morbid curiosity of what pet lovers are purchasing during this recession. "Your Pet Wants this Too" is essentially a string of reformatted infomercials advertising the most frivolous accessories your pet needs. "Now I can take my parakeet anywhere!" brags the woman with the mesh bird cage backpack, strapped to her shoulders. But where? Where are you taking Tweety? Tweety does not need to hang out and bother your cubicle neighbors. Tweety does not need to accompany you to the bar. Leave your bird home.

Things that are entirely necessary include the hamster litter box, fashion for ferrets, and edible dog bubbles. I enjoyed the insanity of it all so much I cannot wait for the next episode. The punchline to all of these things? The price tags. There are people who have money; they just complain about not having enough.

A while ago I decided to lean more towards English fashion than American because of some inspirational articles from CF such as this one and this one and other websites I don't feel like digging up and linking. I often day-dream of returning to England (Anne: I still do that with China) and I like its themes of minimalism and classic style.

Dear friends: I am taking a pause from knitting scarves for other people, as I am now taking steps in learning how to knit a sweater for Fortinbras.


Scarves will continued to be knitted after said project is done. In the meantime, remain patient and insanely jealous of my dog.

And to finish off...

Christmas Wish List:

-New glasses (preferably horn-rimmed or generic Clark Kent style)
-Digital Camera
-Colorful mini skirts to brighten up my wardrobe
-Darkmans by Nicola Barker to add to my Gothic literature collection

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