Sunday, October 31, 2010

One more post before November...

Happy Halloween -- even though I celebrated last night, I suppose I might as well write a post giving cheers to everyone. Halloween really is one of the best holidays, I think. I enjoy dressing up, carving pumpkins and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.

It's so bizarre to think last year I was at a club wearing just black pants, a black shirt and a cat mask in England -- a land where traditional Halloween attire for women doesn't immediately entail "sexy". In case you haven't seen the pictures (or didn't "get" it), I was the Devil Wears Prada. I was far more stylish than those other she-devils running around in just devil horns. Victory is mine.

The season of being fat is here! It's so exciting. Hooray for sweaters. Speaking of which, I have a specific DIY in mind for my next project (seeing as I have not been knitting in my free time lately) and when I've finished it I'll Or something.

My pillow pet unicorn Fonzie has settled in well. I adore his fluffiness and gladly promote the purchasing of pillow pets.

I'm looking forward to my weekend trip to Baltimore (unlike many of my peers) for a Writing Center conference. I told Brittany I plan on wearing absolutely outrageous outfits the entire time just to be a pain. Hurrah! I'm so bored here.

Fortune cookie on 10/30/10: "Life is a series of choices. Todays yours are good ones."

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