Thursday, October 7, 2010

And then I remembered I had a blog...

I was about to post my late-night thought of the week as a Facebook note, but Zuckerburg's new-age wheel has been turning so friggin' slowly that I became frustrated and went to Blogspot instead. To add to my irritation, my delete button is being fussy so I have to jab violently with my finger in order for it to serve its basic function. Insert employee joke here.

Tonight I was catching up on Gossip Girl (and immediately read the Vulture's recap of the episode!) and since I wasn't done knitting, I chose to give Greek another chance by watching season 3 on Hulu. I mean, it's a shallow, ridiculous teen dramadey, what wouldn't I love about it?

Wrong. Greek's writers have an amazing talent to make me not care about anything going on in the show. Isn't that the job of TV script/idea writers? To pitch and deliver a show that makes one want to watch continuously? Why do I like Gossip Girl and Glee more than I care for those other TV shows available this season? Or the past few years?

(It's 2:00am, I will continue tomorrow on a keyboard that functions.)

Moving on.

I think I like Gossip Girl more than any other teen drama since the OC is because, well, they have a staff that's become so transparent to me I can often see past Nate and Serena and connect with the writers and the stylists, criticizing their lower moments and exalting in their success. Also, Blair Waldorf, like other GG characters, is real to me - her writers, her stylist, and Meester's acting makes Blair pop from other characters like Marissa Cooper and those 90210 girls.

There's more literary and cultural references in GG for all of the shallow, improbable subplots. They blatantly advertise high fashion and I love it. I appreciate GG for it's advertising savvy and addictiveness.

I know I'm an English major and I haven't taken any classes on media, communications or business, but I am learning advertising as a consumer. I'm aware that I'm craving Reese's Puffs at least once a week because of the brain-worm chant "Ree-sus Puffs, Ree-sus Puffs". I know I want to try a diet because the image has convinced me I'll get a tinier waist, a bigger bust, and a perfect complexion. I listen to my friends why they have a certain style, why a certain colored iPod defines them, why they buy the things they purchase, etc.

So as I set up my Linkedin and Monster accounts, I'm aware that it looks strange how I want to become involved in the advertising, publishing and media industries even though I've confirmed myself as an English major, specializing in British literature and creative writing. But employers, please give me the chance to prove I am the employee you've been waiting for. I'm not an English major to be a teacher. I'm an English major because it hones my ability to soak in a lot of information from both skimming and learning intensively. It teaches me to communicate thoughts clearly to various audiences, avoiding misunderstandings and confusion. It teaches me to research like a scientist, look back and learn from the past like a historian, understand and analyze motives like a psychologist, and appreciate various forms of expression like an artist. English majors learn these disciplines and I know I could apply all of them in the career I'm aiming for.

Shout out to Meredith, whom I told should work for the CIA.

She told me she wants to be a nanny.

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