Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's been a while.

Chelsea asked me to do another outfit post -- where I make outfits comprised of only Forever21 merchandise (mostly because I'm far too lazy to filter through other clothing websites like the writers at Collegefashion do). So, I've decided to arrange outfits that are somewhat similar to the outfits I wear in NYC!
When I came to New York, the first thing I did after I threw all of my bags into my room was visit Sherman. He told me that if I was going to live in Brooklyn, I have to start dressing like it. So here's an idea of what I would wear if I were just walking around Bed-Stuy or Prospect Heights with Sherman.
Living in Brooklyn:
Basic, lightweight bright colored tank with shorts, comfortable flats (I usually wear my MK sneakers) and a tote bag. I use the "Ethical Shopper" tote I got at UEA and Sherman loves showing off his new canvas bag.
Internship in Manhattan:

I like to dress up for my internship at Joonbug even though it's pretty lax about dress code. It gets really hot and humind in the city so I'll try to wear a sleeveless shirt with jeans/longer shorts. Skirts and my bike shorts (they're not all lace, just laced hem) are often paired with nice t-shirts and tops with sleeves. F21 is really limited in what I like this summer, so bear with me. I really do try to wear dresses/skirts most days.
When I go to work, I have a dress code that requires me to wear a black dress (or black skirt/top) and dressy shoes. As a signature touch, I wear a pearl necklace.
Hostess outfit:

The dress here is really short and the black dresses I wear have hems a little longer than the one shown. I'm the first and last person customers see so it's been stressed how put-together and dressed-up I need to look.

Alright. time to do productive things now.

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