Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back from Hiatus

Back by popular demand (one person), I'm now writing again in this...thing.

For those who don't know by now, I'm spending a semester at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England as an exchange student. I'm a junior in a freshmen dorm ("terrace") and from on I'll be calling it STC. The building is divided into blocks and built for students to creep in on each other at any time of the day. As beautiful as the lake is that my large bay-ish window overlooks, the view of other floors' kitchens can be far more entertaining. The kitchens are all windows with no curtains so it is best advised that you go for a late-night snack NOT in your underwear. Unless you're the residential "Naked Guy". All buildings have that one guy who doesn't wear clothes. STC has one as well. He graces us with shorts most of the time.

When I'm not in the kitchen using Wales' camera to zoom in on other flats and creep, I spend time in my room reading for class or hanging out with my flatmates. Last week I finished "The Castle of Otranto" (excellent) and now for my Gothic class I'm reading "The Mysteries of Udolpho". It's considerably thicker than the last so I'm pleased I have a week to read it. It makes me marvel how I inhaled the Harry Potter books within four hours (at a time) whilst it takes me days to read a book about the same size.

I've engrossed myself in the British culture as much as possible. Last night the girls in my flat (including RugBe, Philly, Mo'Nique and Brownie) watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl online (OMFG GEORGINA IS KER-RAAYZEEEE!) and then we forced Wales, Pong, Bobby and the other guys to watch Mean Girls on a website provided by Katie Orange. Many thanks, Orange.

Oh yeah, the British culture - even though I've become accustomed to drinking tea (more) and eating biscuits, I still snicker when a bunch of young adult men are goofing off in the hall and one of them suggests tea and toast as a snack. And they have it. Someone agree with me.

I've kicked around a "football" with the guys, gushed over RugBe's latest purchases from TopShop, and drank Guiness from tap. (Want to die).

I recently got my railcard so I plan on travelling as much as soon as I know where I want to go >.> Suggestions please?

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  1. ooooh topshop, so jealous. i'm glad you're (slowly) (semi-) coming around to tea!

    I MISS YOU! <3